The fodder produced on our own agricultural land and partly purchased from primary producers, is used for nutrient production in our own fodder-mixing plant. In connection with the produced and purchased fodder we carry out profound quality control: the nutrient consumed by our animals must not contain any ingredients from genetically manipulated production or any produce enhancer or any antibiotics. During the nutrient-production the air is cleaned with micro-filter and the ingredients are cleaned at high temperature.

As a result, the nutrient is of excellent quality and supports the healthy development of the poultry in all aspects.

Our fodder-storehouse and fodder-mixer plant is located in Tiszadob, very near to our chicken-houses. This contributes to creating the most efficient method for feeding the poultry as well as it assists us organizing the logistics of production process.

More information about current purchase process of fodder is HERE


Broiler raising

Poultry arrive to us as baby chickens after careful quality control, in vehicles at 35 degrees of Celsius. Our huge work starts from that point. Possibly the most time-consuming and expertise-demanding process for us is to raise the poultry, and in connection with this we are especially proud of our qualified professionals and our modern technology

Our poultry farms are equipped with Big Dutchman and Poultry –Tech. branded equipment, which provide the organization of the main technological processes: feeding, watering, controlling the luminous intensity, temperature and the degree of humidity. The most modern equipment and technology provides the possibility for producing poultry products with excellent quality and wide variety.

In Tiszadob and Tiszavasvári we possess 55 poultry houses for raising chickens. In one house between 25,000 and 36.000 broiler chickens are raised according to carefully created system. While raising the poultry we focus on animals’ well-being measures and our vets check the health conditions of the poultry several times during the development.

Our huge capacity results in calculability and security for our customers: we raise 1,650,000 broiler chickens in a circle, that is approximately 14,000,000 broiler chickens per year, 32,000 tons of meat of living weight per year.



Since 2007 in Tiszavasvári the abattoir has been operating with famous high quality MEYN machinery from Holland. We pay special attention to the high quality during the whole operation as well as during the processing.

Next to the quality the quantity is also important for our customers’ all-time satisfaction: we might as well produce 110,000kg of meat per day thanks to the high technology. As a result, the abattoir has a leading role of providing poultry products in Hungary.

Beside the establishments responsible for processing herein Tiszavasvári can also be found our office for managing and controlling the whole process.

After processing (after a quality control process) our products are delivered to our customers in cooled condition, or infrozen condition, observing the strictest requirements they are transported in our own refrigerator vehicles to our freezing buildings in Nyíregyháza from where products sales take place.


Additional processing

Beside the end-product (meat) other materials and by-products remain for various other products and economic activities, and in connection with this we take care of additional efficient utilization.

This step is important for us since we are able to minimize the burden on the environment and we are able to act efficiently as well as in eco-friendly way.


During the decades spent in food industry we have never made a compromise in one issue: the quality of our products has to suffice even for the highest expectations.


With our colleagues who take part in the process we all feel the responsibility and commitment to the aim that our products for human consumption have to represent premium quality.

At all stages of production process we raise high expectations for quality and with our vets we regularly carry out control.

In closed raising area, very strictly and carefully controlled hygienic circumstances our poultry is safe from any dangers of infection.

All our products are produced without using any taste or fragrance enhancing materials, or any antibiotics or developmental hormones, completely GMO-free.

We provide high quality with our modern technology, regular laboratory controls and professional workforce and in other various ways. HACCP food security system, IFS, BRC and HALAL certificates for our products as well as quality prizes acquired on international competitions serve as the guarantee of premium quality.



In the company group we possess transporter vehicles which provide our customers with a possibility to take over their ordered products in their own depot. They might as well take part in loading and we are open to the potentially forming dialogue between us and the customers.

In case of large quantity order we are able to be the business partner in transportation as well as creating individual prices.

We have business partners among others from Central and Western-Europe, Baltic, Morocco, China, Saud-Arabia, Central and North-America and Africa as well.